Monday, January 14, 2008

SPCA Noida- A new beginning

SPCA & YOU – Partners in Compassion

With the rapid urbanization of vast areas of Noida and the subsequent problems arising out of increased human-animal contact in these areas, the New Okhla Industrial Development Area (Noida) has taken yet another pioneering step towards the effective management of related challenges. The NOIDA Authority has helped set up the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA) as a semi-government welfare organization, patronised by the District Magistrate, Noida.

Urbanisation and a lack of planned approach has lead to innumerable cases of animals causing harm to humans or vice-versa. Problems such as rabies, has created a sense of irrational fear as well as hatred in the minds of the human population towards dogs in particular and other domestic animals in general. Moreover, animals are looked upon as either being a nuisance or a means to earn a living, instead of as living beings that have a rightful part in our urban eco-system and do not seek conflict with humans. Due to a lack of focussed initiative in this direction, there is a lack of awareness, understanding and sensitivity towards what can be done to manage the challenges without causing pain & suffering for these animals.

The SPCA’s objectives include management of problems like ever-burgeoning population of stray animals, especially dogs, through humane and caring means like Animal Birth Control based on sterilization and immunization.

The overall aims and objectives of the programs at the SPCA are

To eradicate the spread of rabies in Noida by systematically implementing the Animal Birth Control Programme for dogs of Noida & surrounding areas: To overcome problems related to population of stray animals- especially dogs, and the resultant crises of bites, injuries, rabies etc, the SPCA has initiated a proven program, developed by WHO, for Animal Birth Control. The program is the only effective, legal and humane way of controlling the stray dog population, which would lead to lesser instances of dog bites and therefore the spread of rabies. As per the program, the dogs are identified, tagged and picked up in groups of 5 to 8, with the involvement and support of the of the resident human community and the RWAs of various sectors, are then sterilized, inoculated and released back in the same area they were picked up from.

Rescue temporarily disadvantaged animals, which are injured, maimed, orphaned, sick and/or stray: Proper veterinary care would be provided for all ownerless or stray animals. These would be housed in the SPCA shelter and given the required medical treatment. After recovery, the animals would be released back into the same area from where they were picked up in the first place, so as to avoid trauma and stress related to displacement.

Awareness and education programs Cruelty on animals is very often inflicted due to sheer ignorance. Moreover, though many people would like to assist in animal welfare activities, they do not possess enough knowledge or avenues to do the same. Providing proper information about animal welfare and animal rights and promoting a better attitude towards the handling of animals is a very important part of the SPCA mandate. SPCA, Noida will conduct programmes to help sensitize the population about the plight of the helpless animals and to urge their participation in putting an end to the same.

Ethical and humane methods of handling, transport, confinement SPCA promotes ethical and humane methods in handling, transportation, confinement and management of animals in the shelter and these aspects would be taken into consideration for the physical and psychological well-being of the animal. The use of such methods, can help reduce the stress and the psychological effects that may introduce behavioural changes in the individual animal. This method would make handling of animals more efficient and less traumatic for the animal as well as the handler. Well-equipped ambulances, with staff that is trained in handling and transporting animals are being brought into use.

Puppy adoption programme: This programme encourages people to adopt mixed breed/stray puppies so that every dog may eventually find a home. The puppy adoption programme has been initiated and has received tremendous support from the people. The use of media in spreading the message has encouraged people to support the programme and to adopt puppies from the SPCA shelter. Many puppies have now found loving and caring homes.

Mrs. Shampa Dasgupta works extensively in this area, as a committed volunteer, for getting pups at SPCA adopted by caring families. Contactable at: +91-9811233956.

You can see the dogs' photos at:

Rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals. With rapid degradation of the wild animals’ habitat due to urbanisation like the banks of Yamuna, instances of wild animals straying into urban areas is increasing day by day, requiring rescue, treatment and subsequent rehabilitation of the wild animals into a suitable habitat. These wild animals could range from monkeys to herbivores like Nilgai, from snakes and monitor lizards to avian wildlife.

Lifetime care facility for animals which cannot be returned to their natural environments: Animals that even after being treated, are not able to fend for themselves either due to a diasability, old age or any other reason and are therefore not in a position to return to their natural habitat, would be housed at the SPCA shelter for the duration of their lifetime and would be provided with every care possible.

Prevent the cruelty to animals by pro-active methods and by active litigation if necessary: Under the Prevention of Cruelty to animals Act 1960, all animals are provided the basic right to live their lives without the infliction of cruel practices on them. Under this act, offenders found ill treating animals are punishable with upto seven years in prison and fined upto Rs.25000/-. To tackle this, special inspectors are being appointed or employed who would have the power to apprehend and fine anyone found breaking the law concerning animals, whether it be overloading of pack animals in a transport vehicle, displacement or abandoning of animals, ill treatment of pets or other stray animals, causing harm/injury to animals, selling illegal animals, or treating animals in an inhuman way. SPCA also has lawyers on board who would handle the litigation part, as and when required.

How you can help:

As an individual:

  1. Become a member of the SPCA, Noida
  2. The SPCA is run primarily through the efforts of dedicated volunteers. You could volunteer your time and be involved in various activities related to the center.
  3. Donations in cash or kind are always welcome. Please send in crossed cheques or drafts addressed to SPCA, Noida and forward to the Secretary, SPCA……….
  4. Sponsor medical equipment and/or medical supplies for the hospital
  5. Provide food supplies for the animals
  6. If a professional, like a lawyer, designer or vet etc, you could offer your expertise at the SPCA
  7. Speak to people around your residence or office and try and sensitize them to animals.
  8. Befriend the dogs in your area and get them sterilized through the SPCA
  9. Work with the RWAs in your area to get all the dogs in your sector sterilized
  10. Write articles for newspapers, magazines to garner support for the cause
  11. Help develop the SPCA website or develop other promotional material for the SPCA

If you are a corporate, you could become a partner in compassion and

  1. Become a corporate member of the SPCA Noida
  2. Sponsor the construction of the SPCA hospital or a part of the building of the SPCA
  3. Sponsor medical equipment or medical supplies
  4. Get the employees in your office to contribute a fraction of their monthly salary towards the running of the SPCA
  5. Sponsor an ambulance for the shelter
  6. Sponsor the vehicle for transporting dogs to the hospital and back
  7. Sponsor the kennels and related facilities maintenance
  8. Sponsor the running of the shelter for a period of one year or more.
  9. Sponsor or co-sponsor fundraising and awareness events.
  10. Sponsor the program in general by donating to the SPCA, Noida

What would the corporate partner gain?

1. Tax Deductions: All donations to SPCA are entitled to tax-exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961

2. As a partner and corporate sponsor, your branding would be prominently displayed on select promotional/educational material developed by SPCA, Noida. These would include brochures, leaflets and any other material required to be made from time to time

3. SPCA Noida intends to use the electronic and print media extensively to spread the message of animal welfare and to garner support for the various programmes being conducted under the aegis of the SPCA. At every opportune and effective moment, the corporate partners contribution and support would be acknowledged.

4. Any event organized to garner support for the organization and its programmes and spread awareness about the cause of animal welfare, would carry the event sponsor’s branding. The branding would be made appropriately visible on all promotional material related to the event.

5. You could also sponsor the equipments required for the running of the animal hospital. Any such equipment sponsored by you would carry your company’s branding.

7. The sponsor’s company would get the opportunity to be associated with a pioneering initiative in the city of Noida and this would give them much positive publicity through the media.

Any other way that you feel you could contribute, would be very welcome. Please contact for contribution or for more details